AquaBlue wp theme

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Aqua Blue is a strong theme in pastel blues. It makes appropriate use of very clean straight lines overall leaving a fresh impression with sites visitors.

A two column theme with room for 4 125×125 pixel adverts. A 2 column design makes your site easy to view and offers user friendly navigation.

Your WordPress blog or site is sure to benefit from this clean, clear design which has been handcoded to ensure it works with the latest version of WordPress.

The wordpres skin is widget ready, is extremely easy to install and completely cross browser compatible. Take the headache out of changing your WordPress theme, choose SkinPress.

Comments (4)

Hope you can please help… we love your theme but the “comments” link not working.

I am not very saavy with WP so if you have a fix for me, hope you can be fairly detailed in layman’s terms.

Otherwise, we will have to look for another theme. :(

Also, what’s easiest way to delete the default links in the right column (and calendar, etc.) even if I have no widgets or logos or ads to put there yet?

Can I replace with links to certain blog posts by title as they grow, or to other sites, etc.?


Really pretty. I love the subtle shade of blue, and the header & footer backgrounds are just lovely. :) Thank you for posting this!

its design editable and upgradable?

2me itz nt working dnt knw y itz jst a zip file wth no instaltion plz hlp wth da procudur