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Aquina wordpress theme comes with featured posts carousal, Twitter updates support, social bookmark icons and links, 125×125 ads, Widget support, banner advertising, gravatar support, threaded comments and widget support.

How to feature posts?
Put all posts you would like to feature in a certain category and select that category as featured in “Aquina Options” page in wp-admin

How to show image in featured posts?
Create a custom field called “thumbnail” in the post you want to feature and post a link to 209×140 image.

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Hello! Firstly, thank you for the gorgeous theme. Secondly, I would appreciate it if you could explain a little bit about activating the links to facebook, twitter, etc as I am a bit in the dark about these kind of stuff. And Thirdly, when I add a category, which is supposed to go to the green filed at the top of the page, it doesn’t appear as it is supposed to. Here’s a screenshot -
Thank you

I have the same problem as Zorrie, the links on the top of the page don’t show on the green bar.

you need to create menus in wordpress dashboard

Thank you very much i got it to work..thanks


anyone know about this erro:
“Fatal error: Call to undefined function check_header() in /home/domain/public_html/blog/wp-content/themes/Aquina/header.php on line 46″


How do I add this theme?

Upload it to themes folder via ftp and then activate it in appearance section in dashboard

Is there a way to add Youtube icon next to Facebook for other then having Flicker or Digg for example?

Is there anyway I can show a static page as the index, instead of the blog? Basically we are building a Member’s Only site for a client, and the blog will be protected in that section, and they just want info on the home page about what the site is all about.


How do you edit the custom ads on the right?

I can’t get more than one category to appear on the green bar at the top of the page, even though I created several menus in WordPress Dashboard.

Can anyone help me with the answer to the above problem?