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This is a very interesting design which is sure to be a hit with individuals who reside in or appreciate the rural life. The main graphic incorporates a barbed wire farm fence in the foreground with a rural countryside setting in the background. An agricultural farm scene with a horse and a sheep in the background.

The theme is dark black and green, with an organic and rustic feel to the 3 column design.

To fully comprehend the attention to detail in this web site design then be sure to take a peek at our live demo which will illustrate this WordPress themes functionality.

This free wordpress theme is very easy to install.

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Why isn’t the right sidebar showing up in sidebar widgets?

I have the same issue.. is this theme widget ready?? BTW thanks for the BEST themes out there

issue fixed :)

Some problems:

1st: When I put Youtube videos they “destroy” all the blog

2nd: When I am logged and I search for something that not exists the content of the right sidebar goes to the left bar

3rd: How do you put the text center I mean without the margin:




Plz correct it :D


open style.css

search for :
#blog .item_class .item_class_text p{

delete “text-indent:20px;”

Great layout….Is it easy to make this fluid…or at least expand the width somehow.