Black Grey

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Design could not get much purer and simpler than this 3 column theme. The design is sure to appear as intended no matter what your client is using to view your web site.

The theme is pretty much all black and white. With just hints of green in the titles and icons

This is a very traditional design useful for bankers, lawyers and accountants who do not want edgy designs. It is well executed ensuring it does not look cheap or slap dash. The design evokes the impression of the intended order, form and simplicity.

The design lends itself to blogs with long articles it has the feel of a broadsheet newspaper, a serious site, with a serious tone.

Take a serious look if you do serious business!

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The Black Grey theme needs some tweaking - #1 the search bar’s spelling is incorrect - it reads “serach. Pages also do not load correctly when the theme is uploaded.


my name is Pavel and I have a question about Black Grey Theme. I would like to change color of the font on pages. By default, it’s black, but I would like to make it gray (the same color as is used for the articles - #9a9a9a). And i would also like to chnge the size of font on the page.

I have looked through the whole css style file, but I haven’t found how to change the color of the font.

Does anyone know how to do it? Thanks for help.