Black Thunder

Category : Wordpress


After activating wp125 plugin, go to its settings page and uncheck the “Include default ad stylesheet?” box.

Black Thunder a good strong name for a powerful free theme for WordPress.

A 2 column design with a fairly simple layout, the design is clear, legible and easy for users to ready and navigate. With your RSS feed highlighted at the very top right hand side of your page, you are sure to see an increase of visitors via your syndicated content.

The design includes your search bar in the right hand column and the background of black and muted greys gives the feeling of smoke or possible even sound waves. In any case you can be sure this neutral themes will be one of the most versatile you will come across. Download this theme its ready for you to add your own personal stamp.

You will need the following plugins :

  • wp125
  • Wp-pagenavi
  • Gravatar
  • PHP contact form

Comments (3)

Its a very nice, light theme. Perfect for future modifications.

where do i change the header titles h1 - h6 ? i can not find them to make changes

thanks !!! vey nice theme