BlackOrange wp theme

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A visually stunning design. The combination of Black and Orange are a striking combination that is sure to make a positive impression on your web sites visitors.

This is a 2 column design that makes room for a 468×60 banner advert in the very top right corner of the template. In addition you can earn more revenue as the design comes complete with space for four separate 125 x 125 pixels adverts in the right hand column.

The design incorporates the search box within the top banner above the right column, with a smooth rounded drop down feel to the search area, and the search box styled using CSS to make it very slick through the use of graphics, no more boring search fields with this template.

A strong black navigation strip runs across the very top of this site at 100% width. It makes for easy clear navigation that your site visitors will thank you for.

Comments (7)

First have to say I love the TrendyOrange theme and most of the work you guys have done - great job. for the life of me though, I can’t find where to insert 125×125 ads in the TrendyOrange theme. not as a widget but in the space where you currently have for 125×125 images. Any help out there?

Try in the admin panel. There are panel for Ads.

Hi, at first many many thanx for this nice wordpress theme desgin. Really i like the design.

Hi there

While installing this theme i’m getting error in the functions.php at last line. [ Parsing error and i was not able to continue anymore ].

Hello, my language is Spanish, the party said in Search, a text that says “Type and hit enter to search..” but I could not put it in Spanish, because I can not find the template for change could help?

As David said I love TrendyOrange tbut still cannot find where to insert 125×125 ads. I look over Admin panel but I can find it!! Help need it thanks,

in right corner in template file;)