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A very trendy, modern and stylish design indeed, great for any creative, design or media professionals. Its an extremely modern design which is well balanced with what is a most definite organic feel. Your visitors may well argue whether your background has evolved from the bark of a tree or a piece of coal, it is in fact black rock or granite that was used as the inspiration for this design.

This theme has had considerable extra effort put into the detail. The design, its clean and modern with a back to nature feel. The natural feel of the template in almost complete black and gray can be
extremely hard to pull off, but with this theme as you can see it works well.

You will need the following plugins :

  • Wp-pagenavi
  • PHP contact form

Comments (7)

Hi, how can I change the logo?

Ello! :D Heelp!!!
I`m just using this exact theme after hundreds of searches - looks good, what can I say… Only one slight problem :(
I`m looking like crazy all over the ‘Edit HTML’ in Layout, and I don`t know what to edit there…
You see, i would like to change 3 things: first, instead of ‘posted by’ - i`d like to say ‘visualized by’… second - instead of ‘posted on (hour)’, i`d like to say ‘wrote at… (date, hour)… And the last one - the comment icon, i`m not sure i can change that, but is there any way that i could write under the number, the ‘drops’ word? Like…. ’15 drops’? If not, it`s ok anyway…
But please help on how to change the other 2 options :/
It won`t let me change them from Layout - Edit blog posts :( please please help!

Hi, how can I change the logo?

Thank you so much for this theme, I really like it :)

How do i get this layout on my blog? i cant seem to upload it to blogger

I have this theme loaded on my WP site, and it shows up corrupted on Chrome. There are tons of multi-colored dots and lines all over the top half of the page. What can I do? I really want to keep this theme.

@Christin: I see the same thing on Chrome and Safari.