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BlueBreeze wordpress theme with widget ready sidebar on the right.
Theme works with 2.3.1 and below perfectly.

Want to evoke feelings of an ice cold winters breeze, the kind you feel on the streets of Moscow in the coldest of winters? Well that is the image we asked our wordpress theme developers to use as inspiration for this design. The concept paid of with a very trendy artistic design for your web site.

This free wordpress theme although reflecting a winters day is not in anyway cold. The header bar includes outlines of leaves and artistic impressions of tree branches. This give the theme a great natural feel. Aside from this graphic and custom date icons there is very little by the way of icons on this low graphic fast to load wordpress template.

The template has been tested to work in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Comments (5)

not so bored i think. :)

may i port this theme to xml blogger template?

thank you.

okay but keep the designed by link intact

It so nice, so blue :)

it look great, i will try it in my second blog.

Nice themes

But,can you help me to have 3 column in Footer?