BlueGrey theme

Category : Wordpress


BlueGrey wordpress theme with two widgetized sidebars on the right.
Theme works with 2.3.2 and below perfectly.

This theme is quite inspirational and would work well for any site that is trying to impart a positive message. The hand drawn illustrations show love growing like a flower, with the design kept in a low key grey and blue, this helps keep the theme professional.

The Blue Grey theme allows you to feature an article across your site within the top banner of the page. This is great for sites trying to sell or promote a product, service or list as every visitor will see the content you are trying to promote.

The theme is actually 3 column, however clever design ensures that it feels like a 2 column design until you have scrolled significantly down the page. This ensures you have the neat tidy look of two column sites, with the benefits of a 3 column site.