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This is a semi minimalist theme, that feels like a 2 column theme, due to its very clever design, however it is in fact 3 columns with all of the benefits of a 3 column WordPress theme. In sky blue and with your Tag Cloud prominently featured this is real “bloggers blog” theme!

If you are looking to have your visitors browse your site through the Tag cloud, and want to reap the benefits of the stickiness these sites tend to have then take a close look at this excellent theme design.

The website design incorporates a nice search function with a dashed style border that highlights the search functionality of your site without compromising the design.

You are well placed to monetize on your site with the pre-included advert ready sidebar with space for 4 x 125×125 pixel adverts.

The design incorporates many angled edges and curved lines that are so popular on many modern websites themes

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That’s a great theme. Skin Press has some of the best free themes on the net.

how do i get the 4 graphics sales items on the right to go away?

OK, now I found another good theme in place of the other one that I was unable to unzip and this one seems to have issues with the post titles. Even on your demo, check out the second post down and the title is all jumbled up. Can you please help? I need a good theme ASAP. Thanks

That’s it, I’m now officially a skinpress fan. No second rate templates in here just high quality stuff that you would be proud to see on your site.

I chose to download the Blumin theme

Well done and many thanks from Andrew in Australia

translating Turkish…

outstanding theme, love minimalistic approach

how to change the text color link in the post ….???? help me ….

wow! very thx! im use it for my blog!

Ehmm….Finally i can found great template for my blog. This is so simple and i hope easy to use.. Thanks for sharing :)

Thank you very much for putting effort in gathering these wonderful themes.