CleanTech xhtml website template

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This is a very simple clean effective website design offering an international corporate business theme. Utlising grays and orange its sure to appeal to the budget conscious. The header image is a global world map set on a jigsaw puzzle. This has a post it note in the foreground for your company slogan.

A standard well designed page layout will ensure visitors to your site feel comfortable with your design and confident to navigate to the areas they are looking for.

The design comes in a 2 column style offering you the opportunity to feature your company news in your right hand column and keep your main area for your featured content.

This designs appeal is in its simplicity.

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This web site template is breaking in WordPress 2.8. There is something not connecting correctly in wp-includes, on I think, line 130, when I tried to install it. I like this theme for my new business and want to use it, but can’t if it doesn’t work.

Its not a wordpress theme