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You actually need to glance at the live demo to do this WordPress theme any justice at all. It is a truly refreshing style, quite unique. Made up of sharp edges and free flowing lines and curves. A brilliant balance that is extremely effective when combined with the extremely limited use of colours.

These elements combined makes sure this web site template is not busy in any way. In fact it uses only one colour! Blue, with a white background.

Naval, Maritime Ocean, deep blue water are all definite feelings that come to mind. However, the theme is still generic in nature lending itself to any use you could desire, with the proper content. Minimal customization needed ensuring you can have your blog up and running fast.

The theme is XHTML transitional, cross browser compliant with 3 column layout.

Comments (3)

how do you add new pages to the nav menu? just starting out with word press and cannot figure it out, what simple thing am I missing?

Hi josh,


you can add new page there… it would be nice of you if you put the sponsor links back…

Sorry about that, Thought the “Design by” part was enough. I will stop using the theme. I have added pages there but they just do not create new page links in the nav. Thanks for your time and great work.