Dotted Art

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This is a very nicely designed WordPress theme. We decided to keep it simple and make sure the design was bold and effective. Thoroughly tested with the latest version of WordPress this template requires no additional modules to run.

The header itself has rounded edges as do all the elements that make up this design. The main header graphic incorporates a featured story of your choice, and the background of a flower makes this an artistic site without the flowers being overbearing and the site being too feminine.

Sands, Blacks and Grays, with rounded edges and gradients give this spotty template sensible but web2.0 feel. Very popular WordPress theme with our visitors

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Hi, I love this theme, but I have a problem that I get Error: please fill the required fields (name, email). when someone posts a comment. It seems when it change the theme, the problem goes away. I have just tried re-installing the theme. Can you please help, thanks very much…

hi its fixed now, please download it again.
tyhanks for pointing it out….

very nice theme… congratulation!
with wordpress 2.2.1 and php5, i experiment an error on the top page menu:
Warning: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument #2 is not an array in /httpdocs/wp-content/themes/dottedart/functions.php on line 7

any idea? thank you

try now….

nice, it works.
thank you very much!

I am looking at this template for my wife and it is great. One thing though how can I just have the main page in the blackarea and not include sub pages as this is for all her photos.

So example we have a page called galleries where shew will link other pages with the photos but we dont want the sub listed in the header also.


I downloaded this theme and have a problem with the search box. In Firefox, it opens the Firefox search, and does nothing in IE. Nice skin, except for that.

works for me in both FF and IE

I love the theme, but I have two problems that keep showing up and would love any help you could give.

1) On the pages, if I use the tag it only acts like I used a tag. Which makes it hard when you want to include a few paragraphs on an about page because it looks like it all runs together.

2) On the pages, the content on the sidebar comes over onto the page. Is there any way to make sure it stays on the right?


Thanks for fixing up the issue with Dotted Art - you guys are a real stand out for WordPress themes.

I see you are looking at potentially doing something with Zen Cart, i’ll look forward to it, thanks again

will it work with wp 2.5??

Please update the link, because when i click in it, it sends me to a 404 page.

Thank you in advance.


i am new to wordpress…do i have to pay money fr using this theme?

How can i increase the width of this template??

I need more space for content and sidebar

When I put text onto interior pages, I cannot get an extra space to show up between paragraphs. It all just runs together.

I have tried adding paragraph returns and also breaks in the html to no avail. Any ideas?

Upon further research, it is just the static pages that have this problem. The actual blog page is fine. Any help as to how to fix this?

how do I remove the text from the header?