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Posting your content on the flare theme will mean choosing a layout and overall look that is one of a kind. With an orange stripe at the very top of the page, which includes a search box on the right, it is a great choice for those who want a different sort of look while still having a practical layout. The right column of this page offers visitors the chance to see what is going on with regular Twitter updates, as well as the ability to look at various categories. At the top of this column is a empty box where visitors may enter their e-mail address to subscribe. They will also be able to see small icons with links going to pages such as Facebook and Twitter.

How to feature posts?
Put all posts you would like to feature in a certain category and select that category as featured in “DarkSky Options” page in wp-admin

How to show image in featured posts?
Create a custom field called “thumbnail” in the post you want to feature and post a link to 158×158 image.

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Just so you know, at least the first paragraph of this post was reproduced on this site: http://www.blogingbloging.com/flare-free-wordpress-theme

This site has stolen content from others and I thought you might like to know.

Nice theme, but featured posts do not show up, got the category and i set i in theme options.

Any help?

I fond out that featured posts do not show when you have a static homepage. Is there a way around that?

Thank you

Can anybody help me regarding my issue??

Featured posts don’t work for static homepages, is there any around this?

This occurs in some of your themes, others are fine.

Thank you in advance

Images in post example is so WP 1.0 style.
How hard is it to float images and wrap the text?
Perhaps add some Lightbox as well …
Otherwise nice theme !