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This has to be the classic corporate style business theme, in black and slate gray.
A 2 column WordPress theme that will not only look great on any company website but a versatile design that would work well for a business or IT consultant too.

As with all our themes this has been fully tested to work with the latest version of WordPress. It is completely ad-ready with space for four 125 x 125 Button Adverts. If you have any problems simply get in touch.

The top Navigation bar in a sand color includes some nice elements including smooth rounded edges and a web2.0 style gradient, that ensures even though it is a serious design it s not staid.

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Hi, I like this theme very much (GreenSooth).

If I used it, where should I put the Google Analytics’ script code ?

In the footer.php I guest ?

Also, who should I advice if I decide to use your theme for my blog ?

Thank you for your good work.

Jean Pierre Dagenais
Montreal, Canada