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You will need these plugins, Download theme here
Upload these plugins to plugin category and activate them.

This wordpress theme has been designed with large active sites in mind. We have created a large header bar, followed by the navigation bar with simple text buttons and search function. The large header bar makes your wordpress site a powerful portal system. The green highlighted area dynamically displays your 3 most viewed, and 3 most rated posts. This alongside featured links to both your Full RSS feed and your comments RSS feed.

A superb design for active, busy, regularly updated sites. The 2 columns in grey, sand, clay and green are aesthetically very pleasing. You can be sure this theme will work the first time and not cause you headaches. We test our themes to make sure they work with the latest versions of WordPress and are fully W3C compliant, so they work in all browsers.

Comments (7)

Beutiful theme!!

I hope you can make the psd downloadable So we can change some things so it doesnt look the same as others!!

But its beutiful Please contact me if you can get the psd file!


Sorry PSD’s won’t be available.

Hi, well thanks for answering but I need to know what Plugins I need!!

You just put you need this plugins but you didn’t put a link or something!!

I loove this one… You have outdone the others!

Bryan, click on “Download theme here”

I uploaded everything that was the in the zip files, but I’m getting this message

“Fatal error: Call to undefined function: get_header() in /home8/nerdilic/public_html/index.php on line 1″

Any idea why I’m getting this and what I need to do to fix it?

2 Ali
You need check theme files and convert them to utf-8 encoding without DOM. You needed Notepad++