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An artistic 2 column design which makes use of sketchy edges to add a slightly grunge feel to this theme. The RSS feed is highlighted to the top right of this theme in a contemporary and funky fashion. The design is predominantly made up of 2 large clear columns.At the top of the right hand navigation column the design makes room for four 125×125 pixel adverts.

The strong right hand column lends itself well to sites that have long section titles. The design is especially god for for bands, musicians, artists, designers with a very dark gothic look, popular with the grunge and emo crowd. With this theme all you need to worry about is creating content, this design takes care of creating a strong first impression.

Comments (7)

how do i put images in the ad spots? what section is the code in?

Log into your WordPress and click settings and then click “Theme Ads” and you can edit it from there. :-D

I accidentally pasted google ads code into one of the url lines, and theme ads is all messed up, know of anyway to reset it?

the save changes button on theme ads options doesn’t work? why?

I’m having the same problem….I put the links to the images into the sections you said, saved, but the image doesn’t show up. What do I do?

Great theme by the way!

hej ~ are we allowed to edit the theme?

different question:

are we allowed to remove the footer links?
can we put them on a seperate “links” page?

Hi there, great theme! I was just wondering if there was any way to make the theme ads target a new tab?