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Clever utilisation of xHTML gives the impression of a 100% width page with the style of a fixed width design. The background is plain but bold which is extremely effective.

The header is made up of a dark black background with a web2.0 stripey gradient. In addition the Foreground of this top banner has a woman working at her laptop and glancing through paperwork. This would make
a perfect site for any female executive site, law firm or even post graduate student services.

The design offers a simple clean layout, with the use of a multitude of colors this template is extremely flexible. Yellows, Reds, Greens, Blues, Grays and black all make an appearance in this well constructed design.

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When further text is added to the mid-table content.. it just goes right though the footer.. how is this problem fixed?

How do I get the “ Free website templates” from out of the middle of my header?

It is right over my logo and editing the CSS or HTML only makes the entire page shift upwards…

I’m new. I’m on a Mac. And I used Hostgator to allow the DNS.
Problem is when I download the theme: GreyT and try to upload it to my site I get a message saying “The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description
GreyT Stylesheet is missing.

But there is a styles.css in the GreyT folder. Any help would be appreciated