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After activating wp125 plugin, go to its settings page and uncheck the “Include default ad stylesheet?” box.

Looking for an arty grungy theme for your WordPress site? Then you may well have found your perfect design. In low key grays and pastel colors, there is a very definite watercolor painting feel to this 2 column design with rounded edges.

The ‘shoutboxes’ highlighting the amount of feedback your blogs posts get make this ideal for a site looking to encourage its users to interact. When designing this template we carefully thought out all aspects and thoroughly tested it to ensure it works properly. Unlike many other free themes you may download for WordPress this theme will not break for example when you enter long headlines.

Greys, Blues, Oranges and greys make this a very appealing design overall.

You will need the following plugins :

  • Wp-pagenavi
  • PHP contact form

Comments (4)

Simply gorgeous. I;lll use it to make a blog, gift for my friend

I have to hands down on this one, still the best of them all in which you got!

Gotta to have more designs like this :)

I love this one. I’m trying to get rid of the white space, and top navigation menu, completely. I’ve tried deleting the top menu, but that only moved the middle portion up.

Any help? Thanks in advance.

This is a REALLY COOL theme. Love it. Makes my site look simply outstanding.

Thank you very much!