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Another Grungey theme, this is one of our original designs but still extremely popular. In a straight forward 2 column layout, this helps ensure your site is not left looking cluttered.

In muted black and greys, it has just a touch of burgundy, with a red stripe across the top of the site, as a result this theme can be made to fit nearly any colour graphic or logo.

As with many of our themes you will find we have left room for you to easily include a number of button style banner adverts, and their is a highly visible RSS icon helping lead your sites visitors to your feeds.

The site also makes use of a couple of popular web2 styles including Stylized Gradient bars for navigation and at the bottom of the site, and the main content of the page appears to stand out from rest of site with a background shadow lending a 3d effect.

Comments (3)

I just have to wonder at the red band across the top of this theme. What on earth is it doing there? I like this theme, but I’m going to have to cut that out.

Thank you …
Very cool design …

I have this problem after install….

Parse error: parse error in ……. \wp-content\themes\GrungeOne\functions.php on line 188

please help me