Magic tulips

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This is a charming 3 column WordPress theme. Running at almost 100% width of the users screen it lends itself to a feeling of space. The design is easily utilised by any number of individuals from writers to florists.

The tulip means many things to many people. It is thought by many that it symbolizes true love, and for others still Holland and Amsterdam. It is certainly a beautiful flower to be featured within your site design.

Muted yellows, greens, reds and grays make this a very natural feeling colour scheme, that is sure to make your sites visitors both comfortable and relaxed. Please take a look at our live WordPress template preview to fully appreciate this design.

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Nice theme, but it displays wider than 100% of browser, which I don’t like. I also don’t know how to fix that. Whatever I try messes up the design.


its a fixed with theme for 1024 resolution, you might be using 800px

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