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This is a striking design with a Maroon color header that helps your WordPress site stand out. The RSS Icon is incorporated within an old style heraldry banner.

The rich red wine combined with black, mauves and even lilacs are all evident in this WordPress skin. The theme comes as a 2 column layout with a rounded header and them main navigation is included in the top banner.

You will find that making money from your site is not something our web designers have forgotten and we have included space for four 125×125 pixel adverts.

Maroon King certainly offers that regal feeling making use of very clean edges, a nice type font which utilises good spacing for easy reading. The site design is completed with a good strong footer with plenty of space for including sponsors links and other information.

You will need the following plugins :

  • Wp-pagenavi
  • PHP contact form

Comments (5)

I’m using this template and I love it. But I think I found a major glitch. Both parent and child pages are showing up on the navigation bar in the header. Either the code’s broken there, or this is a real functional limitation that’s creating a major problem for me (and probably many others.

Help!!! What’s the workaround for this? Any suggestions?

I have a problem with this theme. I can’t find a way for the users to leave comments…

There is no link, or anywhere else to leave comments…

Have any idea as to what’s wrong?



The demo link is broken for this theme. It contains some html code at the end of it.



Fixed it, thanks…

Shouldn’t the comment number blob in the upper right hand corner of the post be a link to show existing comments and to make new comments?

If so, there is no link there even though I have turned commenting on both globally and on each post…

Any idea whats wrong?