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You’re here because you’re a blogger and blog because they want people to view and appreciate whatever it is they’re writing about. The easiest way to gage how popular and useful your writing is comes in the form of comments. The more people comment about how much they enjoyed your writing or if you can give them more information, the better you’re doing. Comments also provide a sense of community to your blog.

Below are some of the methods you can use to give visitors a reason to take a minute off and comment on your blog post.

  1. Provide longer more insightful posts, but keep it open ended. Not open-ended as in unanswered, but provide them with the information they want and something extra that will have them asking for more.
  2. Use the WordPress CommentLuv Plugin. You are bound to be visited by other bloggers and site owners. With CommentLuv they can enter their feed with their comment, which will then show their latest blog post. You can also use a similar plugin which allow visitors to add their Twitter accounts.
  3. Send them a notification e-mail every time someone replies to a topic they’ve commented on.
  4. Use comment management systems to add that social feeling to your comments. I suggest trying out IntenseDebate or Dysqus.
  5. Show the top commenters in your sidebar. People will have to register for your blog and it will provide them with recognition.

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I’d like to add one:

Interaction with people that leave you comments is a great way to overall get more comments, as it shows the author actually cares and shows trust between people.