Ocean Beach

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This web site design incorporates the tropical beach scene that is so often associated with success, personal fortune and paradise. A lush green design incorporating bright blue waters which is complemented very nicely by the theme which comes in neutral grays and blue.

A 3 column layout with smooth rounded edges and flowing lines. This would be a great blog for success stories, inspirational blogs or for vacation resorts, properties or even travel companies and travel related blogs.

This theme fully complies with web standards and has been tested to the highest standards and is fully xHTML W3C compliant. We have fully tested it with the latest version of wordpress and is completely widget ready.

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I have also tried using this theme but somehow the alligment runs within my post…

it has to do something with your posts and settings, like you see the theme on your site has the same problem

I’m using this theme and I really like it. But there is a problem with the -thing on normal pages. They’re not intended as they should be. In the blog it works just fine. It’s only on normal pages, as you can see on http://geekmind.net/about/

I checked the style.css, but I don’t know much about CSS, so I couldn’t find the problem. Has anybody an idea how to solve this?



Sorry, it shoud be ul-li-thing

I like this website. I use it on my travel blog. Keep up the good work.

Oh, by the way, let me know if you have anymore new themes soon. You can reach my here.

thanks for sharing

There is a problem with dates showing on the single-post, archives, and search results pages. The date is hard-coded to 2007-4-25. This line:

Filed Under () by on 2007-04-25

should be replaced with this one:

Filed Under () by on