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The main header area incorporates space for you to feature any part your website that you like, or others have used it for their mailing list subscription forms or customer testimonials. It’s a very flexible space which allows you to make this template truly your own.

The footer navigation has a web2 style bar with a very nice drop down effect. Pink on Pink in the right hand navigation is carried off with very good effect, and this makes an ideal theme for sites aimed at females and young girls especially. The search bar included in the top navigation ensures this template is easy to navigate even for the most novice of users.

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Hello. How are you? First, great template. I love it! One big problem. When I create a page, the items in the sidebar (categories, etc.) are distorted or coming out of the sidebar in Internet Explorer & Avant Browser. This ONLY happens when creating a page. Try it, try creating an About Us page NOT post and you’ll see in Internet Explorer the sidebar items does not look right. Thanks for a great template!

Hello Again. Another problem. How do I remove this “indent” when writing a post. Every sentence starts of with some type of “indent,” but I don’t want that. Thanks for your help.

Ok, I fixed the “indent” problem. But, I am still having problems with the sidebar items when creating a page.

Hello! Great theme, but i seems like there is something wrong with the comments? Everytime some one post a comment, the “fill in namne och email” comes up. What do i do?

Pernilla its fixed now, download and try it

Hi! Your template is great! But there is something wrong with the comments… I’ve just downloaded the last file… Thanks in advance for your help. Best regards from Buenos Aires. Paola.

paola its fixed, download again

Thanks a lot for your answer and for PinkAngel! :-)

I love this template! I would like to change the color and size of the font for the posts. Can you tell me how to do that. I can’t seem to figure it out. Any help would be appreciated!


The sidebar is messed up on the pages. How do i fix that?


will u plz give me an alternate address for downloading this theme i need it badly, but download link at skinpress is showing 404 error.

ur work is really great

LOVE theme but like earlier comment, I have an issue with pages. When I create a page eg Archive or About Us or Contact, it shows in the sidebar but when you click on it it brings up a blank “Not Found” page. would realy appreciate a solution or point me inthe direction of finding one as I haven’t been able to do so yet. Thanks!

Hello, I can’t download this themplate, please help me.