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A pink and white theme. This is a truly unique and feminine web design. A 3 columns WordPress template. The design could be utilized fr a number of purposes including modeling agencies, beauty salons, hair salons, perfume websites, independent model blogs, blogs about make-up or cosmetics.

A floral pattern within the design enhances the overall style of this theme. A design that is eye catching and appealing.

The top navigation bar in pale pink with search function is a very nice detail and truly appreciate this theme you should view the demo.

This design also incorporates a custom created and very large pink RSS feed button that is sure to draw your visitors attention to this valuable resource.

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I got this error on my page at wordpress2.21
Warning: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument #2 is not an array in C:\APMServ5.2.0\www\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\themes\pinkthree-10\functions.php on line 7

Is there anyway to make this into a two-column template and remove the RSS widget ?

Yen try this zip

Brett, yes it can be done. But it takes a bit of effort. if there are more requests for 2 column then we will do.

I am having the same error. The 2nd and 3rd colum appearing at the bottom instead of on the side.

i got an error too, there is Fatal error: Call to undefined function: language_attributes() in /home/www/ on line 2
on my web
i also used the second file u recomended. but same case.

sorry evy, it shd be the settings on your host…

I to received the array-merge error. My research shows it is a problem in the template with php5. Is this going to be fixed? Or is there a way for us to patch in the corrected code? Thanks.

nolan read comment # 3

I would love to use this template, but where is the trackback link that I am used to seeing in the comment section? How do I find it?

I would love to use this theme but after installing twice from both zip links all that displays is:

I’d like to thank you for this template. If by any chance you do a two column template I’d be delighted. I’m trying to add widgets but it keeps destroying the structure. Any tips for what to do and what NOT to do ?

the widgets and gadgets I have on my old blog seem not to be compatible in this template (too large ? for the right column ?)

here’s the URL for my old blog

another question. how do i get the text to start NOT next to a photo but under the photo ?

Toli, we don’t have a 2column version of it. And for the image problem, here is the fix :

open style.css

search for :

.item_class img, #blog_comm img{
float: left;

remove “float: left;” (ignore the quotes) from it

thanks a lot for your help. The second problem is fixed. Is it possible to change the width of the column on the right ? I’d like to have one slighty larger so I can’t include some widgets that are approx 180px wide.

Hello! I have 2 problems. I want to change the color of the pink line between the blogposts and the right menu. I only find the upperone (body_top_bg) but i cant find the lower one in the code or in pictures. I tried to search on the colorcode #FFE9EC, but there’s no matches….

The other problem is: In Internet Explorer the right menu (with the calender and the links) is dissappering and becomes located at the bottom of the site.

So just to be clear… How do I fix this error?? Warning: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument #2 is not an array in /usr/www/users/rosu/coupon/dailydeals/wp-content/themes/pinkthree/functions.php on line 7
I am getting the same error message as other users of this template but don’t see the “fix” anywhere. Please Advise.

kris see comment#3

Hey Admin! Thanks that appears to have worked. I missed that comment - I thought that was for a different issue (sorry). Thanks again - I absolutely LOVE this template.

Oh im sorry. I found the line in a image. But how do i fix the IE6 problem? :/ I run firefox myself but not my readers.

victoria, please leave your url so the coder will take a look.

Even after trying the .zip file, I am still getting the error
“Warning: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument #2 is not an array in C:\APMServ5.2.0\www\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\themes\pinkthree-10\functions.php on line 7″

Problem solved!

What was the prob? I’m trying to get this going on a local server too..

I’m installing this for a client and the rss column gets going under the calendar column colum. Do you have a fix for this, it only happens in IE which she uses. Thanks!

I fixed it, it was a matter of eliminating the 3px in the calendar that shows the dates of posts added. Thanks anyways!

how can i change the font and adjust the font myself…cause even i put the font in bigger size , when it show out it doesn’t change anything…

does it work with wordpress 2.5

This template looks great
if more colors are available, it is even better
I love BLUE~~

Thanks for this awesome theme!
It’s really great.

However, I just have a smal problem that I can’t fix: whatever I do, I can’t display the pink rss icon. Is there a special way to proceed to get it shown instead of feedburner’s icon?

Thanks in advance

It’s beautiful, but I would love it even more if it only had one sidebar..

I’d also love a 2-column version. :)

it good choose for girls

I love love love the theme. Carousel_board is not working for featured posts. When I set options and save I get 404 error although changes remain.

Hi, I would really like to use this template but when I upload it I get an error that says

“Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: Content is not allowed in prolog.”

What does that mean? Can it be resolved?

I love this theme and so far it’s working great. However how can I install my own header image? Nobody has given me help. Also there are no comments showing how and where can I put these in because that’s important. It’s not on the template anywhere in the posts?

Please get back to me asap.

I love love love the theme. Carousel_board is not working for featured posts. When I set options and save I get 404 error although changes remain

Can these templates/themes be used with

Also, shouldn’t the reply button read reply and not replay?

no you can use only themes available on there.
you cannot upload these.

how to add nested comment function to this theme? thanks

it already supports thread comments, you may have to activate threaded comments in wp-admin in case you haven’t done it yet

OK, I see, thanks vey much.

Is it possible to use this template with a blogger site??
I cant figure it out.
please advise. thank you

On feautered post, how can you make the images show in the slideshow? All my post have images but it doesnt show on the slideshow.
Do I have to install something?

Is there any way to put an “add comment” or “comment” link on the main page?

I’d like to use this template but isn’t work!
Why isnt work? “Please correct the error below, and submit your template again.
Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly. XML error message: Premature end of file. ”

Please help me.

I am creating my first blog and I loved your Pink Tree template, but the main problem is because I don’t know how to upload it. :-(
Do you have a tutorial within the steps of it?


anyone having trouble getting the menu to work??? the about, contact etc…font messed up and words showing up under each other instead of across the menu bar??? I love this template & want to use it!! help please!

you need to create menu’s in dashboard. You will find a link “menus” under “appearance”
Go to menu’s create a menu, name it anything and add pages/categories to it and arrange their order by dragging/dropping them.
Once you have done that, the top nav will work fine.


I also love this theme but have one problem with the menu. How do you get subpages to show under parent pages? Is this possible? From the demo it seemed so.

All the best,

you need to create and manage the menu in “menus” page under “appearance”
You can drag and drop the pages to manipulate the page order. you can drag them up/down and left/right

Is there a way to change the background color? And can the size of the RSS button be changed?


i don’t work wordpress 2.5

THank sir

I’ve installed PinkThree for a friend, but there does not appear to be code for comments in the main index file. Comments and threaded comments are enabled through wp-admin, but as I said, there doesn’t seem to be code to pull them. What is the correct code to add comments to the theme? Thanks for your help!

it doesn’t show comments in index, only on respective posts

And there’s no way to change that? Because she really wants comments on the index page. Is there code that could add a link at the top (by categories and tags)?

Admin, is there a way we can get comments to show up on the main page? Instead of the individual posts? That is what we are looking for. Thanks.

Hello! Thank you for a great theme ;-)

Just one small question/issue - is there any way to add Facebook as one of the URL/Bookmarks under the General Settings option? That would make this theme perfect!

Also - can’t seem to find where I edit/change the meta table/widget - should I download one of the custom meta plugins or is there a way to do this w/out messing up the source code?


SCratch the Meta widget question - I just realized I just need to customize my widgets and poof! it’s gone ;-)

how do i install this? (-_-)

I’d like to add a “Leave a comment” and “Comments (x)” buttons at the bottom of the post but don’t know how to do!

can you help please?