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To show images in featured carousal, create a custom field for the post you want to feature called “thumbnail_slider” and paste the url to the image in its value.

To show image in recent post, create custom field called “thumbnail”

Use excerpt to show post summary in homepage.

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yummy i think it’s very delicious to see this thing as wordpress theme . but to many pictures make loading page time slow, i think.

thanks dude… nice themes

Nice Themes! I found your article @ bing.

Hi, that’s a nice theme ! Unfortunately when I tried it on a fresh new WordPress 2.9.2 installation, I had a parse error in header.php on line 76. Did you already have this issue ?


no, it works fine…

I have the same parse error on line 76 of header.php. Do you have any ideia of what may be happening? I’ve tried a lot of things but non of them worked :\ help please

Did you managed to fix your error? it’s happening the same to me :\

Man, that theme looks delicious! I love the paper and table theme you got going there. Makes you wanna go eat in real life immediately.

I’m worried about one thing though: the number of images. Won’t the final website be a bit too much to load?

Im getting this error
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘{‘ on line 149

How do I fix this cause I want to use this template but it just wont work because of the error.

Please help

I can’t get the thumbnail to work on recent posts. Anything else I need to do other than add the custom field?

Hi, I have same problem with WP Theme Recipe, I can´t upload thumbnail on post. Have you fix this problem?

There are some -tags missing in some of the template files.

yes, the custom fields dont work.
does not show images with latest wp version…

I like this theme, the layout is exactly what i was looking for but the design is too gender specific, im looking for something with more neutral tones such as white/black or something like that.
As always quality themes on skinpress! you guys rock.

Wow, very nive theme, i like this very much

Love the theme! Couple questions as I would like to customize it a bit.
- On the front page under recent recipes I would like to have it show more than 2 where would I go to change this to say 4?
- Also on the front page I want to add another category under recent recipes how do I do this?
- On the subsequent pages I would like it to display more than 2 items how do I change this? Thanks!

great theme.
how were you able to place the “calcmenu” ad next to blog title and the 4-125x125px ads on the sidebar?

you help will be much appreciated.

I figured out how to post the ads using “Recipy Options”

I can’t post images using custom fields, is there a way around this?

I am trying to get the thumbnails to work on recent posts and I am having some problems. Could someone please give me detailed directions on how to get this to work. Thanks.

A very nice theme.

Would serve one of my blog very well :)

Thanks for sharing.

Great Theme!
but.. have PO archives for translate to spanish?
(i will make editing…can i do?)

Very nice theme.
But I can not post my image in the little box in recent recipes box and featured recipes area.
How will I do this?


its explained in the post

It was explained in the post but I cannot get it to work. I’m not the best at coding and there is no help from Google from what I can see.

Can you post a step by step how to on getting thumbnails to work?

I really like you theme and have managed to customize it to my liking, I just need to fix this one little issue

awesome theme! finally got my blog working last night and am using it. How do i get “recent twitter entries” back on the sidebar? For some reason it disappeared.

Love the theme! i have recently implemented it on my blog I do however have a question. Is there a way to change the text that says “recent recipes” on the home page? I would like it to say “Recent Posts”

yes open index.php in text editor and look for “recent recipes” and change it

Can you post a step by step how to on getting thumbnails to work?

Nice one, great.. I just wanted to start my own recipe blog and this one will finely fit it. Thanks

Nice Theme. I’ll use for my cafe blog.

thanks a lot :D

Nice theme, perfect for a foodie blog. But I’m having the same issue as others - the custom field “thumbnail” doesn’t work in WP 3.0, only the default pic shows up. Any help avaiable??? I’m no WP newbie, but everything I tried so far (changing paths within index.php, searching through functions.php) did not work…

Greetings from Germany - Gabi

Another thing: The ad within the header does not seem to work. 468×60 banner doesn’t show up whether I add them through the templates’ options page or try to hard code them into header.php…

I was trying to use your theme, but it doesn’t appear to be working properly, the entire screen is filled with broken things and coding etc. Took a picture you can see what I mean at

Can you tell me if it’s something with my hosting that is doing that or if it is your theme? Maybe I’m running the wrong version of WP or something? I’m a noob and totally lost here!

please can someone explain a step by step how to on getting thumbnails to work?

How to add “Read more” link to Recent recipies on front page?


I found the answer:

1. Edit the index.php file in your theme.
2. Look for
3. Immediately after, add <a href="”>Read more

Couldn’t insert the code. So here is the link to the solution:


I really like the theme! :)

Is there any way I can change the jscarousel to show posts at random instead of in the order of when they were posted?
I mean they’re in the same order as the “recent recipes” right below it…

I dont know if you can do random but you can select which category of posts you want to show in the theme’s options so it doesn’t just show recent ones. I made a category called “featured” and just select it for whatever post I want in the carousel.

I’d love to know how to do this as well please!! Thanks.

I would like to change the links in the footer. I don’t find useful to link to another cooking website. I would love to link to, instead.

Can you update this ?


I’ve changed the address of my WordPress and now the link for previous pages is wrong. Where do I change it?
Thank you!

maybe you need to resave permalinks… try it and see


awesome theme. i plan on using it. like the others, im concerned about the loading time with all the graphics. i’ll let you know if i have any issues. great job tho

I would like to add a featured posts function after the content of a post. What file/where in the file should I do this in?

I love the theme! But I’m not able to get widgets to work right on it. Whenever I try to add a widget, the size is all wrong, nothing lines up right.

Hi, I just upgraded to 3.1 WordPress and after that my website homepage was broken. Is there any way I can upgrade WordPress to new version and compatible with this template?

a very nice theme, iam looking for a theme in which i can post funny pics and videos found please do let me know if any you know