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This design features a unique color scheme and navigation. The color is bold and attractive with textured shades of red at the top and bottom and solid in the middle. There are four columns throughout the layout offering a unique and visually appealing view.


Upload RedTweet folder to wp-content/themes and activate it
Upload Wp-Ratings plugins to wp-content/plugins and activate it
Upload Wp-PostViews plugin to wp-content/plugins and activate it
Upload featureMe plugin to wp-content/plugins and activate it
Upload wp_pageNavi to wp-content/plugins and activate it

How to show posts in Featured section?
In write post of edit post screen, check the feature this post box

How to show small image for each post in featured posts section?
In write post of edit post screen, create a custom field called “thumbnail” and post the url to the image in its value

How to show small image for each post in Recent posts section?
In write post of edit post screen, create a custom field called “image_100_100″ and post the url to the 100×100 image in its value

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Great color themes. Thanks for sharing.

dude you have some great jobs but please forget about twitt its make me sick. idont have twitter or facebook.

Very Useful site with beautyful templates. Good work. Thank you!

Great theme!

But I can’t get the Featured Posts working… I’ve searched for ages and can’t find an option to select featured posts are you able to point me in the right direction? Also, the rating function isn’t showing… is this a plugin? If so, are you able to say which one. Cheers

Good work. Thank you!

How to make 2 columned recent posts area?

Hi, I have the same problem as yours. Did you managed to find the solution?

Did you ever figure out how to have the two coloums work?

Now, I have a good blog with this theme! Thanks!

im getting this error “themes\RedTweet\includes\fn-general.php on line 362″

I have the same problem.The templates is beautiful.PLEASE HELP!!!!

It was because you had short_open_tag Off in php.ini. you have to make it On dud!

Great theme. However, I think its sad that a lot of the functionalities are not described. How to use the featured content section? How do thumbnails work? What plugins are needed? Thanks for your help.

Kindly let us know how to use featured section or which plugin we need to use.

We have to use Featured option Otherwise no use with this great theme though

Dear friends,

you have to look here for assistance to add featured posts :)

Thanks for this great theme…

I have a unsolveable problem with the theme CSS, it just didnt work from the start and I didn’t change anything. The topnavbar doenst appear, the CSS is not working. I don’t know how to fix this since nobody else seems to have this problem.

you need to create a menu in wordpress dashboard.

Good job. I want to use these theme for my blog.
How I can find and install it via WP admin cpanel?

The page list on the header just doesn’t work. Any ideas how to fix it? Pages show as text…

You need to create a menu in dashboard.


Nice theme, really like it!

One question: any idea how to get the featureme plugin work?

When I open a post to edit, I can see the checkbox “Feature it” at the bottom, I can even check it. But when I hit Update on the post, the checkbox gets unchecked, and also the post doesn’t show up in the featured section.

I deactivated/reinstalled the plugin, also tried it with a new blog entry, but it’s still not working.

I found a few threads with the same problem in wordpress support forums, but no answers.

Anyone can help me please?

you have to download the plugin from this page and it will work.

Yes, indeed it worked. Thanks!

I cant seem to get the 2 columns to work. I checked my css and index.php file and everything seems to be the same….any suggestions?

Great. Realy great. No tag usage… Ok. Once again…

This is your WRONG code this unworking navigation


And this is RIGHT CODE


Nice template, I was wondering if it could use the slideshow from GreenMag template on top instead of the featured blog. Is that possible?

Thanks in advance.

Hello, thanks for nice template. I can’t get the menu to work. I have several menus, maybe that is why?

Thanks in advance,

I love the theme but need to find out how to include my own PNG file for the header. Thanks!