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Clean white theme, predominantly white, with appropriate use of orange. fresh daylight bright white daisy bright skies almost 100% width design rounded smooth edges search function built into the top navigation bar.

This design easily lends itself to incorporating your company logo. And would be ideal for use by a well woman’s clinic, counselling, or other natural health services. The theme is still farly generic however and could even be used by a business consultancy

As with our other templates we have fully tested before release, and it is fully xHTML compliant.

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Ok, worked out search (larger at top) problem: I was highlighting the word ‘search’ to type over it; it’s not clear that this isn’t how you’ve styled the larger search boxes. I don’t like it. Other than that, very nice clear designs. Can u also tell me why a lot of wordpress themes have dreaded horizontal scrolling (my small monitor ?) Why not make them fluid so they look good in all situations.

they are mostly 1024