Rounded orange

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This is a truly distinct design, all encapsulated within a pill like content area. The theme draws on Autumn for its inspiration, with rust browns, coppers, bronze and golden hues and tones being used. Circles within the design header and footer, combined with the rounded edges of the design include a feeling of motion and creativity.

A simple 2 column design that utilises a very prominent top navigation bar, with large clear buttons and a search bar for your visitors benefit. Whilst fall may have been the inspiration for this design the boldest use of colour is with the use of orange.

The banner area includes the ability for you to add a remarkable amount of text to promote your featured article or just explain the benefits of your site.

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Header Problem - Warning: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument #2 is not an array in /home/**REMOVED**/public_html/wp-content/themes/roundedorange-10/functions.php on line 7
Then is it possible for the indent to be removed at the start of each paragraph…it really looks a mess when you only have a one line paragraph :(
Is there enough room to have 5 buttons on the menu…and they aren’t small…they will have between 5 and 11 letters in them [I don't think there is enough room :( - Is there anyway of making it bigger?]

It’s a great theme and need it sorted, so I can take a good look at the final version on my site :)
Many Thanks

Your web and skins are great! I use and recomend them. I’ll really appreciate that you could help with this skin… same warning error, like markmcw :( Thanks in advance! Paola.