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Thanks for this beautiful template, which was very easy to implement. However, two questions:

1) The “speech bubbles” with the number of comments are a liitle cut off on the right side - any way to change that?

2) All my posts that have one comment have a strange vertical line right next to the number 1 in the speech bubble. The link that would lead you to the coments includes that line (maybe it’s best if you have a look for yourself). How can I fix this?

It would be great to hear back from you, and thanks again for creating all those nice templates.

I have worked out the second question by myself now, the “|” was in the template and deleting it solved the problem. Still wondering about my first question though.

Me again! I never got replies to my earlier questions, but I’ll try again with something else:
The RSS button in the header of this blog has disappeared (also from the demo as I just saw). It looks like the website with the image no longer exists. Any chance this can be reactivated?