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  • Featured Posts carousel
  • Magazine layout
  • Ratings
  • Popular posts
  • Social section
  • Related Posts
  • Featured video
  • FeedBurner support
  • Ad management
  • Contact Form
  • Email to friend
  • Widget ready

Comments (10)

There nice theme!!

nice one!

Hi, there is no thumbnail on carousel/featured posts. Instead of image you can read:

[caption id="attachment_60" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Online"][/caption] Online…

What is wrong? Thx for reply.

Replied by email

I am afraid both customs fields are not installed:

1. image_134_83 - Images for posts in Featured posts carousel
2. image_100_100 - Images for recent posts

I thought this goes automaticly - now, what to do?

Thx for helping me.

Replied by email, please send the url

Images do not show up on pages, they work fine in posts but not in pages.

here is a link to test.

It contains an image if you view the source the image is there but does not show up.

Any reply?

Hi, I want to buying this theme please send your email address

Hey! We have been experimenting issues regarding to the little square picture joining the lead of the post: It doesn’t show up as soon as you arrive to the page but it does when clilcking the link to any post. Please help! Does it need specific measures? pixels? Thanks a lot