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A corporate design in a range of gray gradients as a background. The primary colours used in this design are Green and Blue. A great xHTML web site design that makes use of plenty of smooth flowing rounded edges. The site is made up of grays, greens and gray blue tones.

The design has been developed for web sites that particularly wish to feature two main areas. For example, Products and Services or Solutions and Technology or Hardware and Software as just some examples.

The design incorporates some nice icons and an extremely well executed footer that offers the impression of fluidity and flexibility. The image of a caucasian female in business attire features highly in
this design. A great example of sensible typography ensuring this website template offers an easy to read layout. Multiple columns ensure you have plenty of space to highlight all the main areas of your website in a simple fashion.

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can i have header psd file? it will be great -)

I like it. Clean and simple.

Can you fix your phpld template links please?

Nice design Theme.

I am trying to use this on wordpress but it is reportedly broken? Is this a wordpress temp or can you fix the break?

Its not a wordpress theme

Can this work with a Unix website?


How can I use it?