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Comments (10)

Hi, I purchased the Splendour theme and I would like to know how to get the pictures in the post to show up in the featured article box.


I purchased it recently too and I am wondering the samething, would be nice to have some support page

I wonder why there are no Featured Posts to see?
And is it possible to link to my Twitter Page!?

My website if showing me following error message:
“There is a problem with your carousel vievwr…”

How to fix the problem?

to show images in recent posts, create a custom field called “image_100_100″ and paste the url to 100×100 image in its value.

activate the featureme plugin and check the featureme box in edit post screen and save.

to show pic, create custom field “thumbnail” and paste the url to image in its value.

Hi there,

i got a problem with the contact form. Can you please visit my blog under http://www.steviecgn.de/kontakt you will see a graphicial problem on the left side. Can you please help me to fix the issue.

Thanks a lot.


Will have it fixed…

Additional information:
It seems that the problem is only present in IE & Safari Browser.
With the Firefox Browser the contact Form is displayed okay.



How do you add posts in the featured posts section? And I my Twitter feed isn’t displaying the Twitter box it was fine 3 days ago.

Please assist