Tech 3

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Tech 3 has a most definite technical, Internet, web design and development feel to it. Offering an extremely simple layout and making particularly excellent sense of space taking up 80% of the page width.

A 3 column design in navy and white, this is a great theme for anyone that has a little photoshop skills as the images are easily manipulated to reflect your business. If you want to edit your WordPress themes this is a serious skin to start with as it easily lends itself to further customization.

The principal graphic incorporates an image f gears, a popular image used online and immediately evokes thoughts of organized systems.

Comments (3)

Fantastic theme - for photoshop users this is one of the best out there - the code is good and easily editable.

Unfortuntately, the top and bottom menu bars dont load WordPress “pages” (e.g. pgID=2) - the links are static. How do I change edit the theme so that my pages load directly into the menu bar?

download now….

Great theme, I think I will check it now to decide using it for one of my clients, thanks!