Winter Magic

Category : Wordpress


An extremely abstract winter theme featuring a bicycle and a park bench. Most definitely a complete template for any creative, designer, writer, or maybe just a loners blog. The colors are a refreshing blend of light blues and whites.

The red bicycle is a striking image within the header, and could symbolise any manner of ideas.

The design is very clever in that there is no definite line separating the header from the content with the blue grounding the header flowing smoothly into the main content area, and has a feeling that it is telling a story.

Cross browser compatible and fully tested to ensure easy installation. This theme is sure to be a winner with your sites visitors.

Comments (3)

Why download link points to Winter Castle instead of Winter Magic? they’re different skins

I have a problem with the images with this theme. When I try to insert one in a archive, it always appears on the left and with the text above. How can I do to put on the right and with text on the left.

Thanks for your quick answer

I’m having the same problem with the images in this theme. I tried the fix of removing the float:left text from the styleclass file, but now I can’t get the text to align left or right when I DO want it to. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!