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Yello black wordpress theme with two widgetized sidebars on the right.
Theme works with 2.3.1 and below perfectly.

Asking our web design team to take design inspiration from the sun this was the theme deemed the best of the lot. A 3 column design in yellows and blacks.

The whole central area of your web site when using this template would be displayed with a white background. Either side of your white background you have a grey gradient page background. This gradient page background goes from slate gray to a much lighter gray at the bottom of your pages.

There is a clear easy to use navigation at the top of this wordpress theme design, which you can be sure will be a hit with your web site visitors.

The theme combines rounded edges for many areas of the site with straight edges to create an extremely balanced template.

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wow very nice bright theme

Great theme!!

I love this theme, but… I am getting the following error when a category or archive link is clicked:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: is_tag() in …/wp-content/themes/sun/archive.php on line 4

What is the best way to fix?

Don its fixed

thank you thank you

How do you change the length of the post on the front page? And why is the ‘read more’ still there when you have the full post open? Tx, great theme.

Thats so cool. Really great looking.

wow nice theme!! i love it

Thank you so much, great theme and just what I was looking for. My question is: how do I change the size of my blog title?

yes i was wondering that too

I would like to know if there is a site where we can learn with out cost about blogs construction, design and confection.
I would like to profesionalize owr blogs with further possibilities that we don´t handle yet.
Thanks very much Sir. , Sincerely,

Error 404 - download not found

i like them,good:)

this theme is so cute

the best theme ever.