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Striking wordpress theme with featured posts, social icons, 125×125 ads, twitter updates, threaded comments, multi page format.

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The theme is great!

However, no matter what I try I can’t seem to get the Google Adsense options to work. Any ideas?

I can’t get it either. A straight copy and paste doesn’t shot any code or text I type in the field when I do View Source, admin, any ideas?

The 125 ads work fine though.
Thanks in advance.

Me neither. I have to modify the pages manually.

how can i edit the Twitter settings?

In theme options page

can you be more specific?
is it on the style.css?
i can’t seem to find the options page

Great Theme,
very Clear and run very fast .

Thanks for this Theme

please tell me how can i change twitter font in main ? and thanks for the theme.

I can’t seem to get the images to show in the featured posts box. What am I missing?

You need to create a custom feild “thumbnail” and paste the url to the image in its value for each post there

Hi, can I manually write the text that goes in the featured box?


very krisivy template!

i want to use this theme. But I want to change the body width size. How do I change the size width size?

my blog is gonna be like with a very narrow body

thank you

I am having trouble with the firefox on this theme for the featured header. Also the featured image does not show up it only shows up the HTML for the image. How much do you charge to fix some issues and I want to add somethings.

Theme doesn’t work with WordPress 3.0

Wonderful theme, but I do not understand why the codes do not work adsense … Is there any remedy?


is it possible to change the “Twitter Bird” to show the twitter feed’s own icon/avatar?

Also, how do I make it so it shows more than one Twitter feed?

Love the theme, great job with the look and feel. For some reason my twitter feed at the top does not work? No info on the white piece of paper. Any suggestions?