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Black and grey wordpress theme with fetured posts, magazine layout, feedburner support, twitter support and social networking support.

How to show featured posts?
Simply add all posts you want to feature to a seperate category and select this category in theme options.

How to show the image in each featured post?
Create a custom field called “thumbnail” for each post and paste the url to the image in its value.

How to show the image for each post?
Create a custom field called “thumb” for each post and paste the url to the image in its value.

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WoW! Really like the look of this theme, nice n fresh and it’s free, great work thanks and best of luck with future themes.

Kind regards Micheal ;)

Hi found a problem with the feature carousel wondered if you could help resolve.

When I have a caption within a post the feature displays the caption coding which makes it a little ugly…. How do I remove the caption code from the feature.

See my site to get a better understanding …. Hope you can help!
Kind regards Micheal

What is the licenese model for the free themes available on SkinPress, can I remove the footer text or is it not allowed? please clarify, I could not find anything on the site explainging the licensing.. just keen to protect copyrights.

you cannot remove the footer links

Hello, I didn’t know that I should not change the footer, (please add a license information for users before they download the them)however I went back to the site and restored the original footer, but now every time I try opening my site I get this msg: This theme is released under creative commons licence, all links in the footer should remain intact.

Could you please help?

Thank you so much!

delete the theme by ftp and reupload unchanged one

Very very nice Theme. I’ve immediately writed a review on my new portal. Thanks to all the staff Skinpress and good work.

Hi, sorry my grammar.
I try this theme, it’s very nice but I’m rookie in WP world. I don’t know where exactly I can change the ID of the category to use the feature post. Would you be good enough to help me?. In what file I must to change the ID?

Again, sorry my grammar
Regards from Lima, Perú

jajajaja….. sorry, I just found where.. my mistake!!!!

elloooo…sorry…i just to ask how to remove banner ads at sidebar?

how to change to 125×125 ads to different ads? Thanks.

In dashboard, you will see greymag options at the bottom of the sidebar

I love this theme, but as someone else has stated I cannot figure out how to get images from the feature post to show up in the feature carousel at the top of the page. If the image has a caption all I get is the caption coding. Any help?

read the instructions at the top of this page

Hello, I’m brazilian, I want to know how can I expand the post box, taking it in only 1 column and not in 2.

Sorry my bad English.

I’m missing something. In GreyMag Options, I see no slot where I can edit the code for the 125×125 ads. Running latest version of WP with PHP5, if that helps.


Never mind, I needed a slot for Google Adsense anyway, so I just added it in the sidebar.php file.


ı expect this theme is new.But ı have liked this theme too.

What’s the optimal size for the thumb images in posts?

DEar SIrs
how I works with this: Ad code for 468×60 header banner
how I can add the codes to appreas like the demo




Great theme! How easy would it be to add other social media buttons to the theme? Specifically, I’m looking LinkedIN.

Thanks in advance!


Great theme. I am going to apply this in my new blog. Hope that no problem occurs. Thanks

How can I move or disable the Twitter feed in the sidebar? I can’t move it from 1st position in the sidebar and when I leave the Twitter info blank it still stays there. Cheers

Great Theme.
Where I create a custom field to show the image in each featured post and for each post?

How do I get the 468 x 60 header banner to show up. What is the “ad code” it is looking for?

Awesome Theme!

I was doing it right but my banner had to be 450 x 52 to show up.

Many thanks! Great Theme

How do I add an additional widget to the sidebar. I would like to include an FB page like widget to this theme.

Hi, great theme! Is there a way to make the Featured image clickable? I want it to go to the post if the user clicks on it.


Its complicated for you to do it, but i will have that feature enabled in all new themes

No problem, thanks for the reply!

Is there any documentation on this theme, is there a support forum for skinpress themes? I need to have a custom menu for the header navigational menu, I have too many pages and they stack outside of the normal allowed space. Any suggestions?

Thanks, great theme.

You can create a menu in dashboard if you are using wp3

Hello, I can not understand why I am not in the slides of the news pictures of the items appear. Can you help?

How do you get the images to appear in the featured post? I have post in the “featued box”, but their images are not appearing?


I see where you say “create custom field” but how do you do this? It seems a lot of people have this problem with your templates.

nice themes

thank so much


great work here!

I’d like to insert an image in the header of this theme for my blog, instead of the title. I suppose it is possible to do that changing the header.php file but I’m certainly not an expert of php language. Can you suggest me the way to obtain this result?

Thanks in Advance,

this theme is very very very good.tank you

Me too, i want to add an image in the header. How to do it?