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nice themes sir…..i get it.

How do you get the theme to display wide pages instead of the regular layout? I want my pages to show without the sidebars, but want to leave them when displaying the posts.

How do i change the sponsors? to sites that are friends of mine?

Great free theme. Thank you!

@Ulonix, After you activate the theme, you will see a link titled ‘Grungie Options’ (located underneath “Settings” in the left-hand menu bar). This new section contains 2 categories: General Settings and Banner Settings.

General Settings is where you tell the theme if you want to show the banners or not and how many banners to show.

Banner Settings is where you set up the actual banners you want to display.

Hope that helps.

The Netknucklehead

Can anyone direct me on how to change the images/links for the 125 x 125 ads? I cannot seem to find how to change them; the content is not addressed in the Grungie Options, only whether and how many ad blocks to display.

Great theme, i use for my blog.

How can I center the the page rather than have it left justified?

Great theme. This is my first time uploading and using a new theme and it works very well.

A few questions:
1) How can I remove the archives widget? There’s no option in the widget area.
2) How can I change the words “partner links?” I know how to change the links and have done so, but I want the text to say something else and changing it in the links does not work.
3) Is it possible to move the Twitter component over to the next column (in place of the Archives on default).

Thanks for any help you can offer. It looks close to perfect on my site.

the sidebars are widget ready, so you can use that function to show whatever you like…

I am new to wordpress and installed this theme, however I do not like the middle column. I can’t edit it to be in a different order or modify it in anyway. It’s fine on my front page, but on others it just doesn’t relate. Is there a way to remove or modify this column?

Any chance to get PSD? I want to replace RSS to something else, but can not get background

oops! no need. I see single files for that.


How do I get this into my wordpress? I don’t know how to install them

You need to upload the theme to wp-content/themes directory via ftp and then activate the theme in wp-admin

How do I change the number of tweets displayed?

The background of this theme looks classical and very nice at all, maybe I will use it for my next blog, thank you for your design.

I’m gonna use this theme on my very first wordpress blog.
My Question is i’m in China and i’m very sure most of my potential readers will be Chinese will my tweets be displayed even the visitor is from China. (Since twitter is blocked in China)

Love this theme! But is it possible to get the categories to display under the posts, instead of at the top? I’ve hunted through the settings for a place to change this, but maybe I’m missing something…? Thanks for any help!

Got this error while trying to view in WP. Anybody Know why?

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENDWHILE in C:\wamp\www\wp-content\themes\Grungie\Grungie\index.php on line 35

How do I in CSS page make the ride side bar 10px wider?.
I mean the background color brown colum.