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This wordpress skin makes full use of various blues. Your calendar appears in the top right of your right hand navigation column.

If your site needs to draw attention to events, whether on or offline this is a brilliant design.

A button style top navigation alongside a search function which is built into the top black navigation bar creates a strong impression and clear navigation.

Sweeping stripes in the header adds a feeling of motion alongside the sleek blues. The designs smooth edges and the fact the template makes use of very few hard straight edges or lines ensure this is a very sleek design.

Fully tested with the latest version of WordPress and guaranteed to work in all browsers.

Comments (16)

Same problem with this skin: search box issues.

It’s not so much problems…it’s a few modifications I would like to know if they are possible?

The first…is, getting rid of the indent on each paragraph. It doesn’t look very good.

The next one is…the blue part that tells you the month beside each post…since this is August, the word is not centerd and it hangs off to the right.

I have a few others…but I think that will do for the now.

Many Thanks

P.S. - Do you offer a service that just edits the free templates you offer. I would guess that a lot of people would take you up on that offer.


yes, i will add a box on top about that… i always wondered if they wil take that up

Now for the indent at the start of each paragraph. How can that be removed?

And I can’t wait for a box to be added for editing the free templates.

Many Thanks

sorry fixed now

I have my permalink set to /%%postname%%/ - but when I go to try and click on the post title…it doesn’t work. In the ‘Preview theme’ above it works, but not on my blog. Do you know what the problem is?

It’s ok now…just noticed that I kept on putting an extra % on each side.

Right…I have a huge problem with the menu bar…I have this error - Warning: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument #2 is not an array in /home/**Removed-For-Security**/public_html/wp-content/themes/sleekbluey/functions.php on line 7 - So what needs to be done to fix it? I’m currently using version 2.2.1 of wordpress…and will be updating to 2.3 when it’s released.

everyone have the header problem, try this

There must be a bug in that download! Cause when you click on the white space below the posts, it takes you to the last page in the header! So looking at yor demo above…it would take me to the ‘themes’ page! It’s really getting irritating and I have already had hundreds of emails informing me of this problem on my site. Can you please get this problem sorted out!

its fixed, forgot to close the a tag in header when i fixed the header issue

The same problem is over at - You must hav missed out my posts on it.

First, thank you very much for this theme, I really like it. However, I think the zip file may be missing files. The ‘style.css’ file refers to both ‘images/body_left_bg.gif’ and ‘images/body_right_bg.gif’, but I cannot find either in the ‘images’ directory.
Thank you for your time.

thank you very much with this themes

anyway to edit out the calendar without it messing up the sidebar?