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To show featured posts, put all posts you want to feature in a separate category and select this category as featured in theme options page.

To show images in featured posts, create custom field called “thumbnail” and paste an url to 163×119 px image in its value

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I’m trying to use this on my site. I have a Twitter account but it contains an underscore in my name: amanda_brooks and the underscore is keeping my Twitter feed from showing up on the blog. How can I fix this? I’ve played w/the PHP in the ob-wpsettings.php file but have accomplished nothing.

Thank you!

Hi, I really love the themes from Skinpress.com. But it seems unable to show images in featured posts after I followed the instructions. Need help..


I’m willing to make recommendation in my blog to direct readers to skinpress as promo, for free.

I am trying to use this template and added an about page in WP dashboard but it does not show up when i publish. The blank template is there but no text. Any help would be appreciated.