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Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENDWHILE in C:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\themes\Woodsy\index.php on line 38

know how to solve this little problem?

I had the same problem; it looks like there is a typo in the index.php file.

There is a colon (:) on line #19. It should be a semi-colon (;) instead.

At least, that’s all I changed, and the template now works just fine for me. I’m a totally newbie though (just sat down today to learn how to do this), so don’t quote me on that.

Good luck!

On line 19

Thanks Elissa

if($i==1 || $i==2) ;

Very nice one )) I like.

Thanks ! good templates

Awesome theme and exactly what I needed. I’m only struggling with the RSS button. Any idea how to edit this (to two buttons; the links on my site)? Thanks for this theme

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know how to solve this little problem?

Can’t figure this out - we can center any images. And captions all justify left, rather than centered. Digging into the style.css, I notice there is no “aligncenter” class for images, and no wp-caption formatting. And the section for images is missing some stuff I’ve seen noted as “required” elsewhere. Can someone help explain? Thanks!

Okay, fixed our own problem. There is “required” CSS missing in this theme. No “Aligncenter” class (you use “centered” which doesn’t do anything), and nothing for img.wp-caption.

Also, would be handy if date formatting took a cue from the WP settings, rather than hard-coding to one format.

Still, love the theme!

Is their anyway to turn off the default border that is automatically placed on pictures?

just set the border 0px for that picture in style attribute