Pink Love

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This is a beautiful theme popular with a variety of webmasters, especially young webmistress’ and many others. Looking for a girly 3 column template for your website, then read on.

Its childlike design, had drawn love hearts, the fun color pink all come together to make a very feminine wordpress template indeed.

The Top banner has been very cleverly designed to incorporate all your sites most important elements.

You have navigation tabs, with a quite unique style. Also incorporated is your welcome message and a Featured Article. In addition to this a very clean looking search box is included.

This site could be used for a love and romance blog, or equally a baby blog with its use of baby pink and baby blues.

Tech 3

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Tech 3 has a most definite technical, Internet, web design and development feel to it. Offering an extremely simple layout and making particularly excellent sense of space taking up 80% of the page width.

A 3 column design in navy and white, this is a great theme for anyone that has a little photoshop skills as the images are easily manipulated to reflect your business. If you want to edit your WordPress themes this is a serious skin to start with as it easily lends itself to further customization.

The principal graphic incorporates an image f gears, a popular image used online and immediately evokes thoughts of organized systems.

Yellow Brick

Category : Wordpress


This is an edgy contemporary design with smooth rounded flowing edges, a web2.0 gradient black navigation banner with plenty of clear white space in the header for you to incorporate your personal business logo.

Extremely creative use of shadows, gradients and buttons. These elements make up much of this design ensuring a cutting edge and modern web2.0 feel to this template.

A 2 column design which has a broad area to present any area of your site that you like within the header of the design. The yellow and black colours combined with the layout and styling make this appropriate for any web2.0 service provider, and this theme is particularly great for customization.

Dark Tree

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This WordPress theme has a definite earthy natural feeling to it.

Incorporating a tree the design is highly suited to any site dealing with the them of nature, natural alternatives, Eco issues and the environment due to the vivid images of azure skies and rolling green hills.

The navigation tabs sits to the top right of this design and the background is not a simple solid colour, very stylish it incorporates natural swirls enhancing the organic feel of this design.

2 column design with slight more traditional left hand navigation. Lots of rounded smooth edges giving a tidy, neat and organised feel to this design which has been fully tested with the latest version of WordPress.

Sleek Yellow

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This theme cleverly allows your different columns and sections of the page to merge. This allows your site to break away from the main crowd of WordPress websites. One of the most common complaints that we hear is thatevery WordPress site looks the same and is in clearly defined blocks, this theme illustrates extremely well that this is in reality not the case.

The theme is a 2 column design in blacks and yellow, colours that blend very well, and often appear in nature together such as with the bee. This subconscious association ensures that this template evokes a feeling of power.

The right hand navigation column in a solid yellow gradient with rounded edges and tabs, overlays a block of content that sits astride the two main columns. You can use this block of content to highlight any area of your WordPress site, or even incorporate your auto responder code or similar.

Black Grey

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Design could not get much purer and simpler than this 3 column theme. The design is sure to appear as intended no matter what your client is using to view your web site.

The theme is pretty much all black and white. With just hints of green in the titles and icons

This is a very traditional design useful for bankers, lawyers and accountants who do not want edgy designs. It is well executed ensuring it does not look cheap or slap dash. The design evokes the impression of the intended order, form and simplicity.

The design lends itself to blogs with long articles it has the feel of a broadsheet newspaper, a serious site, with a serious tone.

Take a serious look if you do serious business!

Ocean Beach

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This web site design incorporates the tropical beach scene that is so often associated with success, personal fortune and paradise. A lush green design incorporating bright blue waters which is complemented very nicely by the theme which comes in neutral grays and blue.

A 3 column layout with smooth rounded edges and flowing lines. This would be a great blog for success stories, inspirational blogs or for vacation resorts, properties or even travel companies and travel related blogs.

This theme fully complies with web standards and has been tested to the highest standards and is fully xHTML W3C compliant. We have fully tested it with the latest version of wordpress and is completely widget ready.

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BlueBreeze wp theme

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BlueBreeze wordpress theme with widget ready sidebar on the right.
Theme works with 2.3.1 and below perfectly.

Want to evoke feelings of an ice cold winters breeze, the kind you feel on the streets of Moscow in the coldest of winters? Well that is the image we asked our wordpress theme developers to use as inspiration for this design. The concept paid of with a very trendy artistic design for your web site.

This free wordpress theme although reflecting a winters day is not in anyway cold. The header bar includes outlines of leaves and artistic impressions of tree branches. This give the theme a great natural feel. Aside from this graphic and custom date icons there is very little by the way of icons on this low graphic fast to load wordpress template.

The template has been tested to work in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.


Category : Wordpress


The greeny theme is ultra simple in its overall design. Using a floral style seamless tiled background with the content appearing within one of the three major content blocks within a 2 column design.

A classic blog style format that works exceptionally nicely for most people. The theme highlights the date of each posting within a nice icon with a web2.0 style speech bubble with a stylish two tone light and glow.

The site design makes it abundantly obvious where a visitor will discover the main content and navigation through the blocky design.