Ultrablue wp theme

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To show featured posts, put all posts you want to feature in a separate category and select this category as featured in theme options page.

To show images in featured posts, create custom field called “thumbnail” and paste an url to 163×119 px image in its value

Vio free wordpress theme

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AquaGreen free wp theme

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WordPress theme with aqua green header and footer. Widgetized sidebar supports 125×125 ads, social icons.


Category : Wordpress


This is an extremely contemporary WordPress theme for your site.

A large bold black header bar at the exact top of the page in a black web2.0 style gradient offers a modern, edgy clear way to navigate the most crucial areas of your website.


Category : Wordpress


This is great hi-tech design for your WordPress site. It includes the use of a very techie icon to represent smooth running interlinked systems.

The design comes in a clear sky blue color which evokes feelings of calm and is a nice neutral colour to work with as the base for your site.


Category : Wordpress


This design shows a new twist in our web designers skill set Offering a very urban, grungy feel to this wordpress template the background of the web age being a brick wall.

The header and the footer of the page look like semi-transparent daubs of hap hazard paint in greens and blues.

A central black background with green and blue highlights reflects the design in the artistic header very well.


Category : Wordpress


This is an extremely endearing design. If you want your WordPress site to have more than a hint of cute and current, then this theme is worth a close look. It makes use of an adorable twitter icon that is sure to draw many of your visitors to subscribing to your twitter feed.

The cute little twitter bird in its highly recognisable blue sits to the right hand side of your page in a very prominent size.


Category : Wordpress


This wordpress theme includes super monetization capabilities. Completely Google Adsense ready. This theme displays adverts from Google between the headline and every new post on your blog.

Your RSS feeds are a main feature of this site, displayed as the graphic of a large orange hot air balloon.The background to this site is pieces of torn newspaper on a gray desktop. This makes the site especially useful for students or in fact any newsy type blogs.

Wcute theme

Category : Wordpress


This is an extremely cute design indeed, in black green and orange its a very Web2.0 combination of colours. It is a heart warming design that is sure to bring a smile to the face of visitors to your site. If
you want your WordPress theme to be a little fun then consider this extremely well thought out web site skin.

BlackPower theme

Category : Wordpress


This is our very latest theme from SkinPress. It is a true power Theme, going beyond being a simple premium theme, this wordpress skin not only incorporates a ‘click to follow me on twitter’ it goes a step
further and actually embed your latest tweet in the header.