BlueSim theme

Category : Wordpress


This WordPress theme is a little different, and is certainly popular with our visitors. A strong use of the color blue, gives the web site template an almost regal feel. Rounded edges are definitely where it is at with this design. The theme incorporates a neat top right hand Tab Style Navigation, with the two column layout encapsulated in a strong round edged blue border.

The theme has been kept fairly simple, no fancy widgets and icons cluttering up the page, except for a Banner strap across the top right hand corner of the content block. Well executed it has been kept fairly low key and tasteful, but is sure to drive interest in your RSS feeds, a key to any successful blog. If you want a low bandwidth, high impact web site theme then this will deliver. The floral background is again low key and very tasteful.

GreenYello theme

Category : Wordpress


This is an extremely simple theme in Lime Green and Lemon, but still blatantly eye-catching. If your looking for loud vibrant colors, you will certainly get them with this fruity little template. The colors used are not obnoxious as much of the theme is made up of a pastel yellow, with mouse-over effects bringing the Canary Yellow to the fore.

Rounded edges, with a nice top right navigation bar make this a simple but extremely striking WordPress theme. Two column design, comes ready with search bar, space for adverts and an icon which will help draw attention to your blog’s RSS Feed.

OrangeGlow theme

Category : Wordpress


An up to the minute theme that makes use of strong colours in a muted fashion. Glowing Oranges and a general semi-transparent feel make this a very modern style design. The theme is a simple 2 column layout that highlights your tag cloud while providing an easy way to display button style adverts in the right column.

The theme includes a large and very noticeable RSS icon which is designed to highlight your feeds so that you can capitalize on that feature of WordPress. A warm feeling to this design lends it to a variety of different types of website. Its generic style and professional finish is bound to ensure this is an extremely popular template.

GreenThree theme

Category : Wordpress


You will need these plugins, Download theme here
Upload these plugins to plugin category and activate them.

This wordpress theme has been designed with large active sites in mind. We have created a large header bar, followed by the navigation bar with simple text buttons and search function. The large header bar makes your wordpress site a powerful portal system. The green highlighted area dynamically displays your 3 most viewed, and 3 most rated posts. This alongside featured links to both your Full RSS feed and your comments RSS feed.

A superb design for active, busy, regularly updated sites. The 2 columns in grey, sand, clay and green are aesthetically very pleasing. You can be sure this theme will work the first time and not cause you headaches. We test our themes to make sure they work with the latest versions of WordPress and are fully W3C compliant, so they work in all browsers.

GreyMagic wordpress theme

Category : Wordpress


An artistic 2 column design which makes use of sketchy edges to add a slightly grunge feel to this theme. The RSS feed is highlighted to the top right of this theme in a contemporary and funky fashion. The design is predominantly made up of 2 large clear columns.At the top of the right hand navigation column the design makes room for four 125×125 pixel adverts.

The strong right hand column lends itself well to sites that have long section titles. The design is especially god for for bands, musicians, artists, designers with a very dark gothic look, popular with the grunge and emo crowd. With this theme all you need to worry about is creating content, this design takes care of creating a strong first impression.

BlackOrange wp theme

Category : Wordpress


A visually stunning design. The combination of Black and Orange are a striking combination that is sure to make a positive impression on your web sites visitors.

This is a 2 column design that makes room for a 468×60 banner advert in the very top right corner of the template. In addition you can earn more revenue as the design comes complete with space for four separate 125 x 125 pixels adverts in the right hand column.

The design incorporates the search box within the top banner above the right column, with a smooth rounded drop down feel to the search area, and the search box styled using CSS to make it very slick through the use of graphics, no more boring search fields with this template.

A strong black navigation strip runs across the very top of this site at 100% width. It makes for easy clear navigation that your site visitors will thank you for.

Black n Blue theme

Category : Wordpress


A funky, edgy design with real electric blue effects.

The electric blue effects are offset the background which is reminiscent of regal stately home flock wallpaper. The effect works well, a nice contrast of ultra modern with old world, styles you would expect to clash.

Las Vegas meets Renaissance France. This 2 column design highlights your tag cloud to great effect.

A very web2.0 navigation bar which includes a RSS button appears to be disappearing into the background of the site. Highlighting your RSS feeds are a very effective way of drawing repeat visitors to your site. At SkinPress we want your online endeavours to succeed which is why we thoroughly test all our themes before releasing them

Do not waste your time with badly created themes, ours are all W3C compliant and widget ready. We want to ensure your experience with SkinPress is always positive.

GrungeOne theme

Category : Wordpress


Another Grungey theme, this is one of our original designs but still extremely popular. In a straight forward 2 column layout, this helps ensure your site is not left looking cluttered.

In muted black and greys, it has just a touch of burgundy, with a red stripe across the top of the site, as a result this theme can be made to fit nearly any colour graphic or logo.

As with many of our themes you will find we have left room for you to easily include a number of button style banner adverts, and their is a highly visible RSS icon helping lead your sites visitors to your feeds.

The site also makes use of a couple of popular web2 styles including Stylized Gradient bars for navigation and at the bottom of the site, and the main content of the page appears to stand out from rest of site with a background shadow lending a 3d effect.

GreyGreen wp theme

Category : Wordpress


This contemporary design utilizes extremely large clear buttons in the top navigation bar. The buttons leading to the main areas of your site include a very nice rollover effect.

The design is on the most part olive green. The RSS button which sits out at an angle from the rest of the content on your site will be sure to draw your readers attention to this powerful tool, There is good attention to detail illustrated in this theme with a thin black bar along top of site, juts 3 pixels tall. Considerable use of web2.0 style sleek gradients keep this site edgy.

The site has an innovative fade of a green to black gradient. The design shows a particularly appropriate use of space.

You can be sure of a painless installation of this fully tested wordpress theme.

AquaBlue wp theme

Category : Wordpress


Aqua Blue is a strong theme in pastel blues. It makes appropriate use of very clean straight lines overall leaving a fresh impression with sites visitors.

A two column theme with room for 4 125×125 pixel adverts. A 2 column design makes your site easy to view and offers user friendly navigation.

Your WordPress blog or site is sure to benefit from this clean, clear design which has been handcoded to ensure it works with the latest version of WordPress.

The wordpres skin is widget ready, is extremely easy to install and completely cross browser compatible. Take the headache out of changing your WordPress theme, choose SkinPress.