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BlackGrey2 theme

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Demo | Download BlackGrey2 (6990)

An ultra modern design. This wordpress theme has been designed to be viewed at 100% of your screen resolution. Its a 2 column design which is most definitely web2.0

If your looking for a theme to launch an online product or service, if you want your website template design to evoke the feeling of a cutting edge company, that is hip and understands internet trends then this design will work for you.

A strong black navigation bar at the very top of your page, that runs the width of the site makes the site very intuitive and user-friendly. Clear navigation is just one of the qualities of this free WordPress theme.

It has been designed with the webmaster in mind too, with room for four 125×125 Adverts and and additional 250×50 Advert. Simple effective use of colour with this black, white and grey theme that highlights your RSS feeds.

How to show featured posts?
Put all posts in a certain category and select this category as featured in theme options page.

How to show images in featured posts?
Create a custom field called “thumbnail” and paste a link to 163×119 image in its value for every post you feature.

BlueStyle theme

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Demo | Download BlueStyle (4520)

There are a number of very nice design touches to this WordPress theme. The peel away sticker promoting your RSS feed is just one of those extra details which are sure to make your site stand out amongst the crowd.

The theme is primarily blue, the background incorporates a significant amount of smooth curved edges in a random pattern that helps evoke the feeling of calm, and simplicity. The multicoloured striped bars along the sides of the two column layout brings lots of color to the screen without it coming across as gaudy.
A bright fresh design that is sure to leave a positive impression.


Category : Wordpress


Demo | Download BlueUzor (3186)

A thoroughly modern design. Although the site is cutting edge and a clean interface it also has old world qualities. With the top half of the navigation looking like heavy flock wallpaper you may find in an old french chateau. This is the contrasted with a sky blue background for the bottom half or more of your web page.

The two differing backgrounds are combined well for two primary reasons. In the first instance the top half of the design first visible when you reach the page fades from the heavy flock effect to a neutral dark blue. This is then further complemented by a 3d effect square edged grey blue bar to help divide the two sections.

The site is further enhanced with a clear top navigation bar which includes an easy to recognize home icon to help your users.

The search function to the right hand side of the navigation in a swoosh of green is a nice artistic touch.


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The head of this site is large, offering a space for an embedded twitter update. Below the banner are key navigational links and a search feature for the site. In addition, this design features a double right-hand side bar with archives, partner links, categories, and recent posts.

Demo | Download Softy (6849)


Category : HC, Wordpress



This design is both clean and attractive featuring a wavy line between the header and main page and a textured teal blue background. The main navigation is found within a drop down menu at the very top of the page with in-site navigation throughout the double column on the right hand side.

Demo | Download GreenTweet (3180)

Grunge2 theme

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Demo | Download Grunge2 theme (3688)

If you are looking for a grungy feel for your website, the take a look at this WordPress theme. Maybe you are looking for a theme for your eco friendly wordpress blog, or a college band. Grunge 2 is a great theme in browns and grays. The nice wood veneer panel at the top of the site would certainly make it of interest to any kind of artists working with wood.

The design is made up of lots of straight edges counter-balaced with the torn paper style headings on the site. This makes the site balanced and not so stylized that it becomes hard for a user to navigate. It comes ready to display four adverts 125 x 125 pixels. This is a popular theme with Emo Bands.


Category : Wordpress


Demo | Download UltraWood (2907)

This is 2 column design for your WordPress blog. Your RSS feed is prominently featured within a coffee mug icon to right of your blog. The already prominent RSS icon is further highlighted by a spotlight effects.

A semi-transparent navigation bar and search feature offers a very pleasant effect just one of many examples of outstanding design. The theme includes a wooden floor style background which goes from a natural wood to stained black wood effect in a gradient fashion.

The site includes space for 4 125×125 pixel adverts and you can be sure we have tested this theme for compatibility prior to release.


Category : Wordpress


Demo | Download BlackGelly (2381)

This design has proven so popular that some users have ported it to their own language.

There are many obvious benefits to this wordpress design. It notable has extremely good use of typography with well spaced out type font and excellent line spacing all combining to make fr a site that is extremely readable. If you are in the habit of publishing long articles on your blog then this should be an overriding concern of yours.

Readability offers usability, this will help extend your visitor times and help drive repeat traffic. The design itself comes in black which is always considered sexy, this combined with a header that offers a lime green gradient and a nice button effect. With a small triangle used in the base of the button to create an arrow shape, making a powerful visual aid to navigation.

A graphic search box is represented alongside your site title in this theme.


Category : HC, Wordpress


Demo | Download Astra (4991)

Striking wordpress theme with featured posts, social icons, 125×125 ads, twitter updates, threaded comments, multi page format.

MiniMag magazine wordpress theme

Category : HC, Wordpress


Demo | Download MiniMag (7827)

Magazine theme with featured posts, ajax box with recent/top rated/most viewed posts and 2 column sidebar. Has an option to rate posts. Contains a widget readt footer area in additional to widget ready sidebar.